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AiRiZ Sanitary Napkin Night Use Price in BD

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AiRiZ Sanitary Napkin – Night Use

Do you looking for Buy Tiens Sanitary Napkin Night Use BD, The extra long, bodyline shape overnight sanitary napkin designed to give you a good nights sleep.

It is super absorbent, ultra thin for your comfort and prevents leakage. Menstrual period can be divided into three stages, and women can use different sizes of sanitary napkins accordingly.

When the amount of menstrual blood is large. You can use the sanitary napkin with wings in daytime and the sanitary napkin (night use) at night; you can use standard sanitary napkin when the amount of menstrual blood is not very large; and you can use ultra thin sanitary napkin or panty liner before and after menstrual period.

Sanitary Napkin Night Use BD

Such portfolio is not only safe and comfortable. But also saves the expense in menstrual period. Tiens Group has always provided good-quality products to global consumers.

And has made strategic alliance with many first-class enterprises in the world. The innovative AIRIZ sanitary napkin is popular in the world, enabling women to have top-quality life with health, happiness, beauty and wealth.

AIRIZ active oxygen & negative ion soft cotton sanitary napkin (Night Use), with silk-thin soft cotton surface layer, it is comfortable, sanitary, absorbent and breathable. In addition, it has professionally designed flow layer, and active oxygen & negative ion chips.

Which have such roles as preventing gynecologic diseases, adjusting blood circulation, enhancing immunity, sterilizing and eliminating odor. Ultra thin design as well as powerful water absorption and water locking make you feel more comfortable and refreshed.


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