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Tiens Chitosan Capsules Price in Bangladesh

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Tiens Chitosan Capsules Price in BD, We compulsion chitosan capsules in our daily routine. Chitosan brings in accordance amid the principles of avowed Chinese medicine.

On the new hand it removes the calorie value of the diet. It in addition to reduces unique attainment to bind fat particles.Even it reduces boil in the stomach it fills it and for that excuse defeats hunger.

Chitosan together with cellulose are the most abundant polysaccharides in earth.As a natural way it is non- toxic and biodegradable, fully safe for the environment.

In this exploit it becoming widely applied not and no-one else as a supporting agent in dieting but it is with in human and veterinary medicine, Cosmetology or biotechnology in the broad prudence. Tines chitosan is made from the bullets of red leg crabs.

Chitosan Capsules Price in BD

  • It made by highly high 85% degree of chitine distillation.
  • A Tiens chitosan capsule is properties chitosan weight run.
  • It in addition to works for individuals encumbrance from lipid disorders.
  • In that court dogfight this product is therefore much in doings.
  • It a product that effectively supports slimming diet.
  • A Tiens chitosan capsule are effect of the intestinal lining and improves peristalsis.
  • This product is the transport of front contents added into the intestinal tract.
  • This aids reinforcement of the intestinal lining and improves peristalsis.
  • This will reduces bile acids and cholesterol from the digestive system and it belittle
  • LDL cholesterol level in the blood.
  • It helps to control blood sugar metabolism and blood circulation.
  • It reduces the digestive system and every one of body ventilated metals such as gain or mercury

As following ease as from toxin through their binding and excretion in the faces.This is moreover take charity trigger the bodys natural excuse. This is also beneficial to the bacterial flora in the digestive system. It reduces the assumption and gaining of huge bacteria to counter bad bacteria in organs.

It helps to fabricate bulky soft bowel movements. This is every one important for our body to works in balancing the levels of fat and cholesterol. It works tribute damaging effects of radiation in the cells and tissues. It removes flush out metallic poison and pollutants in the body.


We will use 1-2 capsules twice daily, preferably in the daylight upon an vacant stomach for weight loss, the capsules should be taken 20 minutes back a meal furthermore hot water.


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