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Tianshi Cordyceps Capsules Price in Bangladesh

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Tianshi Cordyceps Capsules Price in BD

Are You looking for know Cordyceps Capsules Price in BD? From Bangladesh. Here is taking place to 30% Discount for you. IF you Purchase this Product from Our website. You will obtain release Home Delivery any Location in Bangladesh.

You can Order it into our website. We will Call you after place your Order. If You have any Special Query ? You can Direct call us. We succession the value of our customer. If you are in Dhaka City. You will obtain this Product within 24 Hours. Here we Simply Give some reference. To know nearly this Product. Its should be yielding for you.

Tiens Cordyceps Capsules BD, Diabetes is currently utterly dangerous. Diabetes is diagnosing the lawlessness, taking into consideration than all one one of person. The illness has origin to our country utterly much.

We use all second types of medicines. Which are harmful to our body. We are taking various types of medicines for this weakness.

Different types of medicines. Are more gigantic for this disorder. The tiens company has taken out a drug. To eliminate it in a natural showing off.

This is a Chinese medicine. This product works overall ample health. Strengthens human resistance to complaint. And builds strength. Endurance and stamina.

It is properties considering. Than ginseng but is 2-3x as potent. The Tiens Cordyceps medicine. Works for immune cell functions. Including natural killer cells and CD4 lymphocytes.

The doctor can use it in cancer patients. Undergoing chemo- or radio-therapy. It works toxic effect. Kidneys from flattering drugs. And press in advance of kidney


Benefits Tiens Cordyceps Capsules Price in BD

  • It reduces blood lipids.
  • Tiens cordyceps remove respiratory problems.
  • This product works depression and oxygen deficiency.
  • Promotes kidney and lung development.
  • This product works oxidizing power, Asthma.
  • Tuberculosis and Pallone problem.
  • It also removes Hepatitis, cirrhosis, anti-tumor.
  • Tiens cordyceps works blood supply to the heart and lungs.
  • After surgery, it works quickly in the prevention of tumor.
  • It’s reducing lipid digestion and absorption.
  • It also works in the harmful cholesterol.


Every day, two drugs will be eaten in warm water twice.


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